CEO Message


In today’s industrial world, companies are successful in competition that use creativity and innovation as their motto and consider flexibility in the face of rapid changes in industry and its environment as part of their business.

If today Akbari Metals Melt Fa. Is mentioned as a leading company in the field of steel abrasives, it is due to the collective support and efforts of the managers and staff of organization during its more than three decades of activity.

Akbari Metals Melt  as a specialized complex tries in reliance on worthwhile experiences of the past, specialized and motivated human capital, by promoting organizational culture and core values, meanwhile emphasizing the production and supplying  high quality steel abrasives, In order to meet the requirements  of customers through using all internal and external capacities of company, as well as emphasizing on protecting  environment and fulfilling its social responsibilities for all beneficiaries  create value and by providing best quality products, increase market share and quantitative development of products at national and international level.

Akbari Metals Melt Family considers honoring customers and protecting their trust as an integral part of its value principles and always tries to satisfy customers and meet their needs in the best possible way.


Majid Akbari