Ali Asghar Akbari founder and CEO of Akbari Metals Melt   (1940-2019)  

Mr. Ali Asghar Akbari was born in 1940 in the village of Kharaji environs the sharekord. This honorable man with motivation and hard work for more than sixty decades with an indefatigable and creative spirit in the path of development and progress of our beloved country provided worthwhile services to the industrial community. One of the most important and illustrious  achievements was the acquisition of steel abrasive production technology for the first time in the Middle East and also Islamic republic of Iran, which after several years of research and development and also  undergoing experimental procedures, finally mass-produced and It was sent to the industrial consumer market  in early 1991.

Ali Asghar Akbari Message

Entrepreneur will be successful that creativity and innovation to be at the motto of his activity, as well as continuous improvement and customer orientation should be an integral part of his organization, and its realization is not possible except by establishing an effective and dynamic system that has the power to correct its feedback in all aspects.


Professional Achievements

Most of his activities in the foundry industry were unique and based on the creative spirit and passion of innovation. Some of his achievements are as follows:

  • The first manufacturer of cast iron shot  and grit in 1986
  • The first manufacturer of centrifugal shot in 1986
  • The first manufacturer of steel shot and grit in 1994
  • The first manufacturer of steel shot by dry wind jet atomizing method in Iran 1994
  • The first manufacturer of steel shot  by water jet atomizing method in 2012
  • The first holder of Iranian  national standard for the production of steel abrasives

International and national memberships and honors

  • A major member of Iranian Foundry men’s Society
  • The main member of the Tehran foundry syndicated
  • The main member of the Iranian Society of Inventors and Inventors
  • Receiving a certificate of appreciation as  top producer from Tehran foundry syndicated

Receiving  an initiative symbol from Iranian Society of Inventors and Innovators

  • Acquisition international certificate for producing  steel abrasives from Academy of Metals  Science and Technology of Ukraine
  • Acquisition Receiving the national standard symbol in the production of high carbon steel abrasives

Ali Asghar Akbari, after sixty years continuous activity, died in December 2019, and the body of member alive calmed down in eternal home, Behest Zahra, block 70