About us

Akbari Metals Melt Fa. is first manufacturer of steel abrasives with over 36 years of unique experience in the field of abrasives manufacturing industry in middle east which can produce and supply all kinds of steel abrasives such as steel shot, steel grit and cut wire after grading and subdivided to all size distribution based on national and international standards

The company has advanced equipment and facilities, high technology strength, perfect quality control equipment and inspection methods. The products are strictly produced, inspected and examined according to in house methods and relative standards such as INSO, ISO, SAE, so it is trusted by our customers.

The company has passed and accredited their products based on EN/ISO 11124-3 and   certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008.

We normally produce products based on EN/ISO 11124-3 standard, but we can also produce customized abrasives catering for customers’ various requests, benefiting from our advanced production facility, technology and quality control system.

The products are widely used in three major applications that consist of cleaning and surface preparation, peening and stone cutting in main industries such as foundry, automobile, construction, steel, rolling, machinery, stone and other relevant industries.

Our products are the result of years of experience. Though technological advances, development-oriented and applied research, we provide the best in quality with international standards of proven results. Our commitment to providing superior products ensures that you can count on our experts to deliver.

Our team is available to assist our customers for selecting the sufficient abrasives and analyzing the working mix in order to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.


In 1398, Mr. Ali Asghar Akbari, the founder of Akbari Metals Melt Factory, after six decades of tireless effort, said goodbye to the mortal world and left a persistent name in the modern foundry industry in Islamic republic of Iran.

Mr. Majid Akbari, after several years of acquiring experience alongside his father, took the helm of the factory and in the first step registered the company of Akbari Metals Melt. Mr. Majid Akbari chief executive director of Akbari Metals Melt Fa. Intends with redouble efforts and make optimal exploitation of all effective resources of production, creating a flexible structure, relying on specialized and experienced experts. Focus on differentiation strategy by creating a favorable brand image, superiority of technology, increasing production capacity and capabilities, quality development, standardizing customer services, take a great step in the production and supply steel abrasives in the extent world-class and gaining the high satisfaction of customers.