Steel Shot specification

Akbari Metal Melt steel shot produced according to international standard of organization and European Union with the code ISO EN 11124-3 and the Iranian national standard organization with the number ISIRI 13686-3.

Designation of Steel Shot

High-carbon cast-steel shot and grit shall be identified by Abrasive ISO EN 11124 0r ISIRI 13686 and the abbreviation/HCS” indicating metallic, high-carbon cast-steel abrasive. The symbol “S” indicates the required particle shape of the shot as purchased. The designation shall be completed by a 3-digit number denoting the grade, or nominal particle size, required. If alternative harnesses of abrasive are available, the particular Vickers hardness (HV) range required shall be specified

Abrasive ISIRI 13686 M/HCS/Sxxx

Abrasive ISO EN 11124-3 M/HCS/Sxxx

Screening specifications by grade

In order to achieve the final goals in the consumption of steel shot during the cleaning process, preparation of surfaces before coating, shot peening and other items expected by consumers, it is necessary that their distribution in the requested and purchased grade be within a standard and certain size range. . Therefore, accuracy in granulation is of considerable importance. The grain size specifications of high carbon cast steel shot in Akbari Metal Melt are fully compliant with International Standards and Iranian National Standard organization.

Equivalent Coding table according to international standards

Quality requirement

All abrasives produced according to the program of the quality control unit and after sampling of the produced batches in the factory laboratories are subjected to a quality tests and the compliance of the specifications with the product standards is inspected and reported. In case of any critical deviation in the quality specifications of the final product, rejected products are returned. The bullets produced by Akbari Metal Melt are delivered to customers in accordance with the quality specifications declared in the international standards or national standards of Iran.


Steel shot products are supplied to customer in 25 kg p.p bags on to one-ton pallets. Each packaging unit labelled with the full product coding, including hardness range