Cast Steel Grit

Cast steel angular grit at Akbari Metal Melt Fa. Is produced by crushing specially heat treated oversize shot pellets.  Produced grit by Akbari Metal Melt Fa.made of high carbon steel. Metallurgic ally, it has a structure of tempered martensite or martensitic and has appropriate strength and hardness. due to being angular and depending on the selected conditions ,High carbon steel grit has a good ability to remove deep surface contaminants, create a suitable surface profile before painting  and coating.


Advantages and Benefit  of  steel grit

  • Durability and long working life and High recyclability
  • Can be used on Wheel Blast Machines and Pressure Operated Blast Systems.
  • High density and strength that increases cleaning rate with low dust
  • Reduce environmental hazards due to minimal pollution during consuming.

Steel grit, in mixing with the steel shot in the right ratio, accelerates the cleaning of the casting parts and the steel profiles of the structures in blasting. The use of operation mix creates high economic efficiency in the preparation of surfaces before painting and coating such as enamel, primer and plating.


Cast steel grit are generally divided into three groups in terms of hardness:

1- Normal (GL): Hardness in the range of 390-530 in the Vickers scale. It loses its sharp edges and becomes round during consuming.

2- Medium (GM): Hardness number in the range of 470-610 in the Vickers scale. Although harder than GL steel grit, but nearly loses its sharp edges during shot blasting

3- Very hard (GH): Hardness number in the range of 570-700 in the Vickers scale. Remains angular in its operating mix even after disintegration

GL Suited to descaling applications. GM suitable for Descaling and surface preparation applications. GH Particularly effective in surface treatment processes and produces a uniform, etched finish.