Steel Shot and Grit ,commonly used as a Blast Cleaning media on a great number of surfaces to remove contamination and cleaning surfaces by removing waste generated by the production process such as sanding, scaling, grease and surface contaminations and also beautifying surface, polishing, creating roughness by etching as well as surface preparation for applying  paint and coating.

Characteristic of blasting media (size, shape & hardness) have important roles in performing and controlling surface preparation and cleaning parts.

It’s commonly used to surface cleaning and or surface preparation of parts in foundries, forgings, automobile industries, ship builders, hear treatment shop, nonferrous castings, plate preparation, railway wagon, oil and gas pipe line, steel fabricators and other various types of applications

The following are some of the most important common application in cleaning and surface preparation with steel abrasives in blasting machine.



De sanding is a heavy duty by blasting operation in the foundry industry. Goal is to clean sand and other foundry contaminants from the castings, the size and material of the casting guide the abrasive that is most effective.




Descaling is mainly conducted in the steel industry to remove the scale as a result from hot rolling. Pipes, sheets, coils, beams and even prefabricated structures to some extent. In the forging industry descaling refers to cleaning after forging.


Removal of sharp corners, pleats and other appendages of parts produced by machining, cutting and other complementary methods.


Roughing and or etching is process for preparing surfaces before painting or coating or to make metal surfaces shiny for a specific purpose.


Surface preparation

Surface preparation process for cleaning metal surfaces which are covered with mill scale, dirt, rust, or paint coatings and for physically modifying the metal surface such as creating roughness for better application of paint and coating.



Create a smooth surface and or a suitable metallic shininess.