About Us

Akbari Metals Melt Fa. is first manufacturer of steel abrasives with over 35 years of unique experience in the field of abrasives manufacturing industry in Iran and middle east which can produce and supply all kinds of steel abrasives such as steel shot, steel grit and cut wire after grading and subdivided to all size distribution based on national and international standards.
Our products are the result of years of experience. Though technological advances, development-oriented and applied research, we provide the best in quality with international standards of proven results. Our commitment to providing superior products ensures that you can count on our experts to deliver. 
Address: No 2, Nastaran 10 Ave, Senobar Blvd., Payetakht industrial zone, Iran, Tehran
Head office Phone No: 77707749 – 77861521 – 77864795 – 77705302
Factory Phone No: 023-34572022 – 34572023 – 34572024 – 34572060

Email: info@Steelshot.ir

Instagram: akbarimetal